#FoodieFriday – Indian Pav Bhaji

Today’s #FoodieFriday highlight is a curry recipe, originally by Rick Stein, but with some yummy sounding tweaks by Laura@feastwisely.com


Hasselback Chicken

Because I’ve not posted much and because I’m useless I haven’t taken any photos of last night’s dinner but I thought it was about time to jump back on the metaphorical horse.

This recipe was yet another inspired by Pinterest,  and you can find the recipe here.

Here in the UK we had the first of the spring sunshine, plus I am trying (not entirely successfully) to train for a 5k run, so I decided that chicken, salad and potatoes were in order.

Ingredients (to serve 3)

3 chicken breasts
2 large tomatoes
Pesto (optional)

My other half occasionally reacts to pesto, although we cannot work out why when the individual ingredients all seem to provoke less of an immediate toilet visit, so I left it out but it will make the dish look prettier.

Thinly slice the tomatoes and mozzarella, then spread a little pesto (if using) over one side of the cheese. 

Flatten the chicken breasts slightly,  cut a diagonal slit most of the way through (I put about 3 suits per breast) and then add a slice each of the cheese and tomato. 

I then oven baked for 20 minutes on Gas Mark 5, you may need to add time for larger chicken breasts. Serve with a salad and new potatoes.

Top tricks and tips:

Try adding spinach or basil in between the cheese and tomato
Drizzle pesto over the top
Add a few breadcrumbs on top, mixed with parmesan cheese
Switch the tomatoes for the sun dried variety

February Cheap Eats#FoodieFriday 

This week highlights one of my favourite blogs and I always like cheap but tasty food!

February Cheap Eats… Delicious recipes for under £2 per portion! – http://homemadewithmess.co.uk/2017/02/01/february-cheap-eats-delicious-recipes-for-under-2-per-portion/

Jaffa Shortbread Slice #FoodieFriday 

It really is about time we had a #FoodieFriday focus. I found the below recipe on Pinterest  

​Not one I’ve tried you but this looks delicious and is definitely on the ‘to do’ list

Jaffa Shortbread Slice – #GBBO Week 1

The Live and Let Live #SaturdaySpotlight

Scallops with crispy pork

This week’s #FoodieFriday is a little late so it has turned into #SaturdaySpotlight. Life has been a little hectic recently so I’ve not been cooking at home much. I do occasionally treat myself to lunch in the local pub so I thought I would share some of those pictures with you. 

Gravadlax with beetroot
Pea and Ham Pannacotta with figs and parma ham
Baked Camembert with confit garlic, chutneys and crusty bread
Baked Camembert with confit garlic, chutneys and crusty bread