A side of lamb or ‘how to make sprouts taste nice’

Not only was the leg of lamb HUGE but, as the Other Half and I had not actually had any sprouts over Christmas, I also set about making a side dish that makes sprouts palatable.

First of all, sprouts. I really do not like boiled sprouts, never have. I have found a way I like them though. Sliced finely and stir fried with sliced leek. It really is that simple, although you can add other ingredients if you wish.


In this case, I added a small amount of oil to the wok, threw in the leeks and sprouts (2 trimmed leeks, 5 sprouts), then add frozen peas after a couple of minutes. If my main dish was spicy, I would also add cumin seeds. Otherwise you can also add pancetta, bacon or ham. Or a splash of white wine or even cream. Or all the above, this side dish is pretty versatile.

In this case, it was served with a fairly traditional roast leg of lamb, vegetables, lots of gravy and a little mint sauce. I still have over a kilo of leftover meat. I’m planning a moussaka but any other suggestions are welcome.



4 thoughts on “A side of lamb or ‘how to make sprouts taste nice’

    1. It was delicious. I’ve now got to try and persuade the visiting small people (my daughter’s friends I babysit sometimes) to try moussaka tonight. I’m torn between getting them to help (successful at getting them to try some of my stuff in the past) or sneak the aubergine past them by making it before I collect them! Either way I’m looking forward to using up some of the leftovers.

      1. A good friend of mine years back always had that dilemma with her niece and nephews. If she could get them to help in the kitchen they would actually eat the food. If she couldn’t or didn’t have time for them to help, they would complain about every bite. I don’t know if it was a pride thing for the kids preparing their own food or if their involvment just took out the “mystery” of the meal itself…? I still scratch my head over that one.

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