Everybody needs good neighbours

Day Nine of the Blogging101 course is to build on commenting on other blogs by writing a post inspired by a comment you have made recently and to link to other blogs in the post.

I don’t usually write opinion pieces so its a little out my comfort zone, however if I find a recipe or blog that inspires me I do often link to them when I try that recipe or post about a related subject. A case in point is my recent pasta carbonara which was inspired by Food, Booze and Reviews spaghetti carbonara and very tasty it was too.

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What about me?

Even though I’ve been writing this blog for several months, I still feel like a newcomer. Back in December I decided to sign up for the blogging101 course, it’s just started and we’ve been given our first assignment. It’s simply to introduce ourselves. Sounds simple, right?

Well it should be really, I’ve already introduced myself in my About section which also links to my first post, much of which is still true. Yes I could keep a diary but I’d never remember to write in it, having followers and a sense of community here encourages me to keep trying, keep writing , keep coming back.

I still live in the middle of nowhere and my recipes still feature food that anyone (in theory) can get hold of, still no truffle oil here although I did stuff some chicken with sun dried tomato, olive and caper meze the other day. Lack of posh delis or even large supermarkets means that’s about as exotic as my food gets.  But it is achievable. Maybe not interesting though.

I now work part time so in theory should have more time, this is partly true, I made bread again recently (post coming soon!) and have been able to do more slow cooking, but I still keep running out of time. At least trying to blog makes me do something for myself, something I enjoy and hopefully over time my writing skills and style will improve.

My blog is not all about cooking though, the cars section is less busy but it’s there.  Why cars? I could have just written a food blog but that certainly wouldn’t reflect all I do, cars are my passion. Most of the events we go to run from April to October so there will be more posts about motorsport during that time. I definitely write for two very different crowds with little crossover, is that dangerous, after all it means most people will only ever be interested in a section of my blog, but the flipside is more people might find it and read it. That’s the theory anyway. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Sunshine Blogger Award

The lovely Joanna nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award however I have a (healthy?) dose of scepticism so I decided to look into this award a little. Let me start of by saying I really appreciate the nomination and it genuinely gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

A little googling turned up a post from In The Know with Jo in 2013. This post confirmed pretty much what I suspected, this is a way of people saying well done and they have enjoyed your blog. Bad news is the Sunshine Blogger Award doesn’t really exist, essentially it is like the old chain letters. Now there is nothing wrong with an essentially harmless practise that allows people to highlight blogs and posts they like but something in me doesn’t like pretending this is something it is not. Continue reading

Hello me!

I have to ask myself why I have just started a blog. I’m not very good at writing and it is almost certain I won’t tell anyone about its existence although I have owned up to the Other Half.

That said I get a bit fed up of looking for recipes on the internet and continually find blogs that feature truffle oil, fancy meats and organic, hand fed, hand reared chickens. I don’t exactly live in the middle of nowhere but the local Co-op definitely doesn’t stock any of those things, last time I treated myself to some samphire it took me to a supermarket almost half an hour way. Aside from the fact I hate shopping, I work full time and have a 7 year old. I’d rather spend that time cooking (or in the pub for a quick pint) than traipsing across the county to find ingredients that I don’t really need in my life.

So this is a blog, probably only ever to be read by me, where I’ll try and note down the recipes we eat and some of the things we get up to. When we are not cooking, drinking, working or sleeping, one of us will be at some form of Motorsport event somewhere. A bit like the cooking, it is not ground breaking but we enjoy it.