Lemon and Lime Salmon with tarragon cream

Outside in my mini herb garden I have some lovely tarragon plants (and a lot of mint but that is another story!) so to use it up we bought some fresh salmon and decided to bake it with butter, lemon and lime before serving salmon with tarragon cream.


One Salmon Fillet per person
One knob of butter per salmon fillet
Slices of lemon and lime (I used a couple of slices of each on each fillet)
1 shallot, finely diced
1 cup white wine
1 cup vegetable stock
200ml double cream
1tbsp chopped tarragon
70g diced pancetta
Bag of spinach
New potatoes, quartered

Get the oven on to warm up, Gas Mark 7 – 220C or 425F. The potatoes take longest plus they can be kept warm in the oven so the first task is to boil these. I use a hob to oven skillet to minimise the washing up. Any products I link to on Amazon are ones I own and use myself. This skillet is one of my most used pieces of kitchen equipment.

Whilst the potatoes are boiling (about 20 minutes), prepares the salmon. I always line a tin with foil (again it minimises the washing up), place the salmon fillets on the foil, add a knob of butter to each fillet then lay your selected lemon and lime slices on top. I folded the foil back on itself but left a gap in the middle for steam to escape. You want to allow about 6 minutes per half inch of thickness, for my fillets I cooked them for 8 minutes.

Salmon with Lemon and Lime

It is also time to make the tarragon cream (otherwise it won’t be salmon with a tarragon cream will it!). Fry the shallots lightly so they are cooked but not browned before adding the wine, let this reduce by at least half before adding vegetable stock and letting it reduce again. Take off the heat and stir in the cream then add the tarragon. Return to heat when everything else is ready so it can warm through.

In amongst juggling everything else, you also need to cook spinach and pancetta. I browned the pancetta in a wok until fairly crispy. You can steam the spinach separately but also remember that spinach will quickly reduce to almost nothing so cook plenty! I actually steamed mine in the wok by throwing it in with the pancetta and adding a lid but do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Frying pancetta

Time to serve! I layered the spinach before adding the salmon with tarragon cream and crushed potatoes on the side.

Salmon with tarragon cream

Top tips and tweaks:

Peel the lemon and lime, the peel can be a little bitter after roasting
Any number of sauces would go well with this including dill or a lemon sauce


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