Meal Planning 28/02/16

Another meal plan post as there was some great feedback and ideas on the last one

Today – Boeuf Bourguignon. I can’t believe I haven’t posted a recipe for this before so this will be coming soon – no Sunday roast today as the Other Half is working and won’t be home until later so this is an ideal thing to heat up for him, plus I saw some nice shin of beef when I went shopping

Monday – Toad in the hole. The small person has a friend over tomorrow so this is something I know even fussy eaters enjoy even though there is veggies in there.

Tuesday – Again the Other Half is out so it’s pulled pork for the girlies. I may make some bread to go with this. There will be lots left over but this is something all three of us pick at in the fridge and it’ll do lunches as well as…

Wednesday – leftovers!

We are out at a wine tasting on Thursday so I haven’t planned past Wednesday again but Friday we have two extra small people, I’m considering ravioli but this will depend on what needs using up.

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