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So two new things today, firstly I am now on bloglovin, an experiment to see if it does drive more traffic to my blog. Secondly, and far more importantly I’m going to start a new #FoodieFriday feature where I will either reblog some of my favourite food posts or have a guest poster. The inaugural post in this new feature is going to be one of my favourite dishes, Shakshouka but with a slightly different ingredient to normal, chorizo. This dish was originally posted on PWpantry. I tried this dish myself (you can read my version here) and the chorizo really is a tasty addition!

9 thoughts on “**SPICY BAKED CHORIZO EGGS**

  1. Your recipe looks great. Just my sort of thing. Thanks for sharing. And I’ll be interested to know about how you find Bloglovin. I wrote a post on that very subject today!

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