Eggs Royale

Our little family has a Christmas morning tradition of smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin, all washed down with a glass of Prosecco. This year was no different but to use up the smoked salmon we had the eggs royale again just before New Year.


English muffin, halved
1 egg per half muffin
Smoked salmon
Hollandaise sauce (you could make your own but for ease we’ve used a jar)
A pinch of pepper

First of all get a pan of water and bring to the boil. At this stage have your muffin ready to be toasted, the hollandaise somewhere it can warm slightly (or just microwave for 20 seconds) and the eggs to hand. On my hob a poached egg takes about two minutes so I start toasting the muffin just before.

Whisk the water round and break the egg into the whirlpool. Use the freshest eggs you can get your hands on, the freshness dictates how well the white forms around the yolk in a poached egg. Once the muffin is toasted, butter it, pile on salmon, add your now cooked poached egg and spoon some hollandaise on top.

A really simple but filling breakfast or brunch. Once you are used to poaching eggs, a simple poached egg on toast is one of life’s little pleasures, I often have one for lunch, sometimes over a little ham and cheese.


Pork chops and stir fried rice

This is fast food, which is useful when we were home later than planned. It helps that I was using leftover rice from the day before (if you have leftover rice make sure you cool and refrigerate it as soon as possible).


Leftover rice
1 slice bacon, finely sliced
1 red pepper
Handful chopped mushrooms
Handful frozen peas
Splash dark soy sauce
2 eggs (optional)
2 pork chops

First of all, heat oil in the wok and fry the bacon until starting to crisp up, then add the pepper, once softened stir in the mushrooms.

I used my ceramic grill for the pork (I also overcooked it unfortunately!) which should have taken 5-6 minutes but I left it in longer than I should.

Once the mushrooms are also cooked, stir in peas and allow to heat through for a few minutes before adding the rice. Once warm stir in soy sauce then the eggs (beaten) if wanted. I prefer the Nasi Goreng way of adding egg, which is essentially making and slicing up an omelette to add to the rice.

Normally I would have flavoured the pork, either with fajita spice mixed with flour or with breadcrumbs but we simply didn’t want to take any more time than necessary!

Pig and poultry salad

Otherwise known as chicken and bacon salad, although the salad to meat ratio was not particularly high so this is not a healthy option! No specific measurements are below as you can use as little or as much of each to suit your taste.


Mixed green leaves
Baby tomatoes
Yellow Pepper

First of all I pan fried the bacon until fairly crispy. This is my default bacon preference anyway but it also works better in salad when it is crispy and salty. Put this to one side but keep all that bacon fat in the pan ready for croutons later.

Next step is to stir fry the chicken, cut into strips roughly the same width as a finger. Once this is under way cut and slice the salad elements to your liking and either mix in a bowl or layer up on a plate. Make sure your chicken isn’t burning or getting overdone!

Get a pan of water to boiling point and then add eggs, these will be less likely to crack if you have taken them out of the fridge and got them up to room temperature. We tend to use medium or large eggs and I cook them on just under a rolling boil for three and a half to four minutes depending on size. As soon as they are done, place in cold water immediately and put to one side until you are ready to peel them.

When the chicken is nearly done, add some sliced mushrooms and stir fry these too. Remember that bacon fat? Take some bread and cut it into cubes of about 1cm, then fry in the bacon fat, adding extra butter or oil if needed. Add a good helping of black pepper.

Hopefully at some point you’ve found some time to peel the eggs and they are sufficiently cooked. They will be soft boiled using the timings above which works for me and my hob!

Assemble and enjoy.