French Onion Soup with Gruyère Croutons – mariathefoodfanatic #FoodieFriday

This week’s spotlight is on a dish I really want to try. Generally it’s been too hot for this kind of dish recently but waking up to the rain this morning reminded me that this is on my to-try list

The Mum Recipes – #FoodieFriday

This week’s spotlight is on a blog I’ve only just found. I work but fortunately part time and from home mainly but there are still nights I just want to cook something quick. This blog is sharing some really good, quick, veg laden recipes so it’s worth looking, even by non-parents who just want a quick meal!

Novice super quick fish curry with spinach | thenovicecookingblog

This week’s #FoodieFriday link. Personally I’ve never quite been able to stomach a fish curry although I do keep thinking about trying it – this certainly looks like one of the better options I’ve seen.

All About Sparkling Wines – thekittchen

This week’s #FoodieFriday isn’t really food but wine is the next best thing. Some great tips in this article and I’ve also listed some UK available fizz below.

My favourite Prosecco available from Naked Wines
A Cava also from Naked Wines
Prosecco from Aldi
A selection of sparkling wine from English winemaker, Bolney Estate

Charred Avo & Eggs

Foodie Friday is back! As Shakshouka is one of my favourite egg dishes, this Jamie Oliver recipe appealed to me and is now on the list of things to try.

Super quick and super healthy. We often treat ourselves to a nice breakfast either Saturday or Sunday, but usually struggle to find something new that we’ll all like. Plus it usually ends up …

Source: Charred Avo & Eggs